gether.She antic▓ipated further developments in China-Africa cooperation in t▓he new era. With eyes open wider, the two sides should make the most of the tourism market and expand▓ the Chinese market f

  • or African-made

    produ▓cts.The level of cooperation can be also enhanced

    to ac▓hieve "co-creati

    20 SEPTEMBER 2014
  • ons" from pr

    oject research, enterp▓rise incubation, and so on, she

    said. More Afric

    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • an▓ instituti

    ons should be built in China to ▓provide the country wi

    th services

    15 JANUARY 2013
  • like financi

    al technology innovation, cultural products and enterp

    rise skills, B

    24 OCTOMER 2014
  • aitie added.Th

    e fourth Vision China event was hosted by China Daily

    in cooperati

    15 JANUARY 2013

at through j

uage and Culture University, a▓nd Snail Insurance.Wei Gang, executive director of BAIC International Development Co, said Presi▓dent Xi's speech at the Beijing summit drew a new bluepri▓nt for development of the China-Africa comprehensive strategic partnership. He said when going global, BAIC Group has always closely followed the pulse of China's diplomacy.Vision China was established in January. By inviting world-class political, business and academic speakers to tell China's s▓tory from global perspectives and discuss major global topics, it aims to become a broad platfor

m to ensure China's voice is better heard in the n▓ew era as well as to build a new channel for responding to global concerns on hot China-▓related issues through profound debate.B▓y revealing the glob

oint constru

ction of

al signi

the Chi

ficance behind C


hines▓e stories

ica commun

  • ity with a shared
  • future,▓ the two

, Vision China strives to introduce Chinese▓ solutions and Chinese wisdom as a source o

f a shar

  • ▓onnected and int
  • erdependent situat

ed future for humanity.On Sept 13, the fifth Vision China event, themed "40 Years On

  • he China-Africa re
  • lationship by sh

China and the World", will be held in London.Please scan the QR Code to follow us o

n Instag

  • s▓t came to China
  • , a local couple w

ramPlease scan the QR Code▓ to follow us on WechatSenior officials from Russia, Turke

y, Iran

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  • t embarrassed to

to meet in Geneva for new Syria peace effortSenior officials from Russia, T▓urkey, Ir

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